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Get an up-to-date investment valuation

You can get an up-to-date valuation of your investment whenever you need one.

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Managing your investment

Transfer your other ISAs

You can transfer both cash ISAs and stocks & shares ISAs from other providers to your RLUM Ltd Stocks & Shares ISA at any time.

We'll work with your existing ISA provider to arrange the transfer, all you need to do is complete a Stocks and Shares ISA Application form and an ISA Transfer Request Form (PDF 0.2MB) for each ISA you wish to transfer, post it to us, and we'll do the rest. £1,000 minimum transfer limit applies on the stocks and shares ISA.

Increase or decrease a monthly Direct Debit

If you make a monthly investment into your stocks & shares ISA, or unit trust, you can vary the amount you invest.

Call us on 03456 057777 (call charges) and we'll explain how.

Switch the fund(s) you've invested in

You may decide you want to switch your funds - no problem we offer a switching service to make sure everything goes smoothly. Currently, this service is free of charge.

Call us on 03456 057777 (call charges) and we'll explain how.